February 18, 2013

Tiny Topper

My little pink knitting project is now finished!

Originally my intention was to make this for me, but it ended up being a tad small.  So lucky Ellie received this as a Valentine's Day gift!  I love this hat pattern - it can be sized for children or adults & is nothing more than a simple rib stitch. 

I like the pattern so much, I am making one for myself, as well as one for my husband as a birthday gift. He got to pick what color & he requested chartreuse & grey.  Upon some clarification, he actually wanted bright yellow & dark grey (I guess in the fishing world they call neon yellow "chartreuse", not to be confused with the common yellow/green "chartreuse").  So after scratching my head a bit, I was able to find this hand dyed yarn from Another Crafty Girl:

This is definitely more manly than what I normally keep in my stash.

So, now I just have to swatch - which I wish I could just avoid altogether :)  I'm also going to swatch in the round this time - I don't think Jon will want a miniature version like my pink hat ;)  Note to self - no more flat swatches for knitting in the round!!

Before I go, since most of them got snatched up, I have added some new Color Wheel bundles to my shop, as well as a few brand new patterns I'm destashing.  I know I'm not going to get around to sewing any clothes anytime soon, so they need a new home :)  Also, I will have some new fabrics in the shop sometime this week. 

PS For those who are interested, the Family Ribbed Hats pattern I used can be found in Joelle Hoverson's great book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Enjoy!

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