February 02, 2013

Pink Stitches

A glimpse of what I'm working on right now:

I know you are probably wondering - knitting???  Yup!

Remember how I was whining about not being able to crochet?  Well, on the wonderful advice of one of my lovely followers, I checked out the lessons on Craftsy.  If you have always wanted to learn a crafty skill, I can't recommend their classes enough!  In a matter of hours I was able to crochet with the best of them.  OK, well maybe not THE best, but well enough that I could get my hands & mind around the techniques.  Little Elle was the recipient of my first project:

So sweet, but she isn't fond of wearing it - so mama has borrowed it for now ;)  In case you are curious, this is the Isla pattern by the talented Chanelle Jones.  Ellie's is made with Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky in Polar Bear.  It's so soft & snuggly!

Sooooo, you are asking - what does this have to do with knitting??  Well, I taught myself to knit years ago, but just really didn't keep at it.  But after learning how to crochet, I became inspired to take up my knitting again.  Browsing all the patterns on Ravelry was like bait to a fish :)  However, I only knew how to knit english style, & seriously wanted to learn continental.  So I took the leap & have been teaching myself continental. BTW, I have put a link to my Ravelry page under the blog archives in the right margin.  I would love to friend you guys!

I am still rusty & slow at it, but after discovering the joys of Norwegian Purl (great video instruction), I am getting somewhere.  The cool thing about Norwegian Purl is that the yarn is held in the back, not front, like a conventional purl. So, you don't have to change your yarn position if you are working a combination of knit & purls (like the ribbing of the hat I'm currently knitting).  If you are working stockinette, you may have to fiddle with your tension to get your stitches even, but it's worth it!  Give it a try, you may find it a useful tool for your knitting techniques!

Happy knitting & sewing everyone!


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  1. Ooooh! I've never heard of Norwegian Purl. I might seriously have to give it a look. Your knitting is shaping up beautifully so far - and that polar bear number is sooooo cute! :)