March 04, 2011

Dancing Dishes

Maybe your kitchen dishes don't dance, but in my kitchen they do!

Run little bowl, run!
Ok, maybe they aren't all dancing, but these little dishes sure know how to take the chore out of dishwashing.  Who wouldn't love to dry dishes with towels sporting these kitschy creatures?

I love to collect vintage transfers.  An embroidered transfer is a cherry on top of a vintage towel, potholder, or apron.  It's that added sprinkle of vintage goodness. You can find vintage transfers in a broad range of subject matter, anything from florals, to kewpie dolls, even charming little animals doing various domestic chores.  And yes, even dancing dishes & odd anthropomorphic fruits & veggies (cute, but can be a little creepy). 

I like to collect the original transfers, unused & in their original envelope.  It can be difficult to find these since they were made of paper & deteriorate easily.  Most were cut up & ironed, so if you can find an uncut transfer in it's original envelope, that's a great find.  A few companies (like Aunt Martha's) reproduced their original designs, which made the old patterns easily accessible.  These are perfect if you want that vintage look without sourcing the original transfers.

Puppy love. Vintage transfers from the 30's & 40's.
I encourage you to pull out your iron & embroidery hoop for your next vintage project & try a transfer.  The next thing you know, the dish may run away with the spoon :)



  1. aaahhhh that little cup makes me think of Chip from beauty and the beast such a lovely film. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. OMG - I collect vintage transfers, too (in addition to vintage sheets and Pyrex). LOL. OK, here goes: I also collect vintage cookie jars, paperweights, vintage hankies and holders, vintage aprons, vintage lace and vintage linens. Whew, that’s enough! Love the teacup pattern. Hugs, Cathy K