August 30, 2010

Pretty Scrap Giveaway

The lovely Aneela of comfortstitching is hosting a giveaway of fabric scraps from her pretty collection.  Hop on over & visit her cute blog to comment & maybe win these lovelies!

Mendicino, FMF, Munki, Dream On, Lightning Bugs - so many lovelies!
Have a sweet Monday!

August 27, 2010

Pink Fawn by the River

We are pulling out the white tent and getting everything ready for Art by the River in Amherstburg, ON  this weekend.  The weather is going to be nice, so come on out to browse & shop!

Have a sweet weekend!

August 21, 2010

Fabric Giveaway!

Megan of Lucy & Norman is celebrating her Blogversary with a pretty fabric bundle giveaway!  If you are a fan of out of print and hard to find prints like Lightning Bugs, Mendocino, Lush, Katie Jump Rope & Flea Market Fancy, you should visit Megan's sweet blog & giveaway post. & wish her a happy blogversary! 

Have a sweet Saturday!

August 18, 2010

Big Ideas, Small Studio

One of my guilty pleasures in life is perusing over photos of other quilters sewing spaces & studios.  I always hope that I will come across some great inspirational idea or organizational genius that I can apply to my own space.

My studio space is roughly 6' by 12', so though I would love many features that I find in bigger studios, I often resort to ideas of the space-saving kind.  I often ooh and ahhh at spaces that have dedicated cutting tables, stash closets, and sewing tables.  You know them - the ones who have a room outfitted with matching cabinets & tables (or painted antique cabinets!)- and all those cute sewing knick nacks that display buttons, threads & trims.  You halfway expect Martha Stewart to pop out of their fabric closet clutching an iron & ironing board.

Who wouldn't love to have that much space?  But if you aren't going to use the space wisely, it just becomes more area to clutter up. That`s why small spaces can be better.  It forces one to be streamlined & organized.  I have one desk (ok it`s actually a small dining table) that I use for everything - cutting, piecing, & sewing.  So, I have to finish and clean up one task before I can move on to another.  It`s like forced tidiness, but in a good way.

Part of my fabric stash.
Another quirk of mine is that I like my fabrics in view.  I want to be inspired by all the pretty colors, not have them hidden away in bins, closets or *gasp* drawers.  Don`t take me the wrong way, I have seen some lovely organizational schemes using all the above, but to me, it`s like buying a Monet & sticking it in a garage.  In other terms, it`s like taking your Heather Ross stash and making it into dog toys.  My stash is housed in one of those nifty white cube units.  It`s not a huge space, but I use every inch of it (fabric folded neatly & tightly keeps out the dust).  I can sit and brainstorm looking at them, see what I have on hand, and just take in the prettiness in one spot.

So, from one small studio to yours - potential is in the eye of the beholder.  Small spaces, as Martha would say, are ``a good thing``.

Have a sweet Wednesday!

August 16, 2010

Finished Paper Dolls

I promised to post pictures of the finished paper dolls quilt, but have been slow getting around to it.  So, here finally, is the completed quilt:

Hanging for display at my last show.
I had many compliments on this quilt.  I am especially fond of the older generations telling me their experiences as children playing with & collecting paper dolls.  The quilt was quite a conversation piece!

The old white barn lent a nice backdrop.
I realized when I downloaded the pictures, I forgot to take pictures of the back - grrr!  I will have to find an alternate location to take pictures again.

Have a sweet Monday!